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SLD: Acute Ligament Tear – Repair Technique

- See: Ligaments of the Wrist

- Discussion:
- dorsal incision is centered of Lister's tubercle;
- dorsal capsule is reflected in line with the skin incision;
- radial capsule is reflected from the scaphoid to its waist;
- reduce lunate and scaphoid w/ K wire;
- joysticks inserted in a dorsal to palmar direction;
- rim of the scaphoid is fresened to subcortical bone w/ small, high speed burr;
- when the ligament is attached to the lunate (the usual case), holes are drilled from the waist of the scaphoid in a proximal and medial direction to exit at scapholunate articulation;
- sutures are placed in the scapholunate ligament, volar to distal

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