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Skin Preparation Agents

- See: Methods to Prevent Infection

- Skin Preparation Agents:
   - alcohol:
        - rapid significant reduction in skin microbial counts is major effect desired;
   - techni-care:
   - iodophors: 
   - ioban draping: (3M™ Ioban™)
         - Risk for infection after anterior cervical fusion: prevention with iodophor-impregnated incision drapes.
         - Prevention of wound contamination using DuraPrep solution plus Ioban 2 drapes.
         - The prevention of wound contamination by skin organisms by the pre-operative application of an iodophor impregnated plastic adhesive drape.
         - Prevention of bacterial colonization of wounds at operation: comparison of iodine-impregnated ('Ioban') drapes with conventional methods.
         - Plastic adhesive drapes and wound infection after hip fracture surgery.

    - chlorohexidine: (Chloraprep)
             Antisepsis of the skin before spinal surgery with povidone iodine-alcohol followed by chlorhexidine gluconate-alcohol versus povidone iodine-alcohol applied twice for the prevention of contamination of the wound by bacteria: a randomised controlled trial.
                    povidone iodine-alcohol applied twice for the prevention of contamination of the wound by bacteria

The antimicrobial effectiveness of operative-site preparative agents: a microbiological and clinical study.

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