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Treatment of Volar Wrist Ganglions

- Discussion:
    - 20% of all ganglia
    - most common site at volar wrist crease between the FCR and APL at the scaphotrapezoid joint;
    - volar ganglions may be less amenable to aspiration than dorsal ganglions since the radial artery may be adjacent to the cyst
    - recurrence rate after surgery:
             - The simple wrist ganglion--more than a minor surgical procedure?
             - [Surgical treatment of volar wrist ganglia].
    - need for surgical cauterization to prevent recurrence:
             - A new sclerotherapy technique for the wrist ganglion: transcutaneous electrocauterization.  
             - Preliminary report of the effectiveness of tetracycline sclerotherapy in treatment of ganglion

The volar wrist ganglion: just a simple cyst?