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Non-Displaced Scaphoid Fractures


- See:
    - Scahoid Frx Menu
    - Non Diagnositic X-ray

- Discusion:
    - tension in palmar radioscaphocapitate ligament leads to displacement of distal pole of scaphoid;
    - consider immobilization to relaxe palmar radiocarpal ligaments;
    - place wrist in sl radial deviation and slight palmar or neutral flexion;
    - initially patients should be placed in long arm cast for 6 weeks;
    - time to healing by location:
           - times to union increasing for more proximal fractures;
           - frx of distal third heal in approx 6-8 weeks;
           - middle third frx heal in 8-12 weeks;
           - frx of proximal third heal in 12-23 weeks;

- Radiographs:
    - non diagnositic radiograph

- Casting of Scaphoid Frx
- Percutaneous Scaphoid Fixation

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