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Morphine Sulfate

- Discussion:
    - adult:
          - 0.1-0.3 mg/kg/dose IM/IV/SC
          - 8-20mg PO q4hr, 30mg (MS Contin) PO q8-12 hr / 5-15 mg SQ/IM q4hr
          - IM/SC: Max. analgesic effect at 45-60 min; duration 3-4 hrs; t/2: 2-3 hr;
          - 4-10mg IV diluted and injected slowly over 5' q3-4 hr prn;
          - parental 1-10 mg/hr;
          - IV: Max. CNS effect at 30 min; (maximum resp depression: 10-30 min - duration exceeds analgesic effects);
    - peds: 0.1-0.2 mg/kg/dose SQ/IM/IV q2-4hrs prn up to max 15 mg/dose;

- Cautions:
    - metabolism: conjugated in liver, excreted in kidney (90%)
    - may cause hypotension and respiratory depression (inititally check before and after each dose, SBP > 90mm);
    - nausea / vomiting: give w/ antiemetics
    - histamine release: bronchospasm / urticarial/ anaphylaxis
    - profound hypotension may occur in pts who are hypovolemic and receive narcotics;
    - may be contraindicated in patients who have recently taken MAOI inhibitors

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