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Lister’s Tubercle

- Discussion:
    - at wrist, Lister's tubercle is palpable on dorsum of radius;
    - it serves as a pulley for the EPL;
    - radial and ulnar styloid processes are also palpable, w/ tip of radial styloid process projecting 1 cm distal to that of ulna;
    - on ulnar side of Lister's tubercle contains EPL, which defines ulnar border of anatomic snuff box;
          - at point where EPL passes dorsal radial tubercle (Lister's),  tendon takes a 45 deg turn around tubercle;
          - then after passing over ECRL & ECRB tendons of tunnel II, it continues along its course to the thumb;

- Exam:
    - palpate length of tendon, look for any signs of rupture;
    - if dorsal radial tubercle has been disrupted by Colles Frx (producing irregularity of process), EPL tendon may rupture due to added friction imposed upon it as it turns around roughned tubercle;
    - Lister's tubercle which is key to identifying both dorsal wrist ganglia & junction of scapholunate joint & dorsal scapholunate interosseous ligament