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Fractures of the Coronoid Process + Olecranon

- Discussion:
    - small fractures of the coronoid process itself are unimportant;
    - large coronoid fractures involve the distal articular surface of trochlear notch which can lead to significant instability of elbow in extension;
    - these frx require plate to neutralize forces across site of comminution;
    - frx of coronoid, is reduced first, & is then fixed w/ lag screw passed up through posterior cortex of ulna;
         - this should restor stability of elbow in extension;
    - assoc frx of coronoid process is reduced & fixed w/ 4.0 mm cancellous bone screw or a 3.5 mm cannulated screw as lag screw;
    - protection of lag screws w/ one third tubular plate, 3.5 mm DCP or LC-DCP, or a 3.5 mm reconstruction plate;
- See: Surgical Approach