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Pilon Frx: Fixation of Metaphysis to Diaphysis

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- External Fixation:
    - external fixation applied medially and across the ankle can protect the articular reconstruction and prevent collapse;
          - external fixation across the ankle can restore length (thru distraction) w/ or w/o fibular fixation;
    - Technique of External Fixation
          - 2-3 half pins are placed in the tibia;
          - foot inclusion;
               - one pin is placed in the medial neck of the talus;
               - in most cases, distraction of the talus will effect reduction of the fibula due to their interconnecting ligaments;
               - one pin is placed in the posterior calcaneus;
         - circular wire fixators
               - distally, first wire is transfibular (posterolateral to anteromedial);
               - second wire is inserted at the posteromedial edge of the distal tibia, and exits anterolaterally;
               - additional pins are placed as is necessary;
               - circular wire fixators need to include fixation and distraction across the talus inorder to effect reduction of the fibula;
                     - otherwise plate fixation of the fibula is required in order to maintain the reduction;
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