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- Precautions: 
- because succinylcholine causes an increase in intra gastric pressure that may lead to gastric aspiration, crycothyroid pressure should be applied;

- also causes increase in intraocular pressure and in relatively contra- indicated with injuries in an open globe; 
- increases intracranial pressure
- Precautions w/ Spinal Cord Injury: 
- w/ possible cervical spine injury, the Sellick maneuver should not be applied, and therefore, perhaps succinylcholine should not be used; 
- because denervated muscles have supersensivity to acetylcholine, manifests as sustained contractions and a massive release of potassium, succinyl- choline can precipitate hyperkalemic crises and should be avoided in first 6 months; 
- sustained depolarization caused by succinylcholine causes ion channels ion channels to remain open producingn an elevation in serum K of of approx 0.5 mEq/l; 
- therefore, succinylcholine should be avoided w/ ARF, burns, or spinal cord injuries