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Pillar View

- Discussion:
    - demonstrates lateral masses (pillars)
    - pillar frx is usually visible in inferior articulating facet of involved mass;
    - pillar frx is usually visible in the appropriate oblique projection;
         - however, it may not be apparent in oblique projection if fragments are neither displaced nor depressed or if vertical plane of frx 
              line does not coincide w/ obliquity of projections;
    - pillar view, because it is designed to depict lateral mass en face, is required to evaluate presence of articular mass frx;
    - frx typically extends vertically thru articular mass & separate fragment, or fragments, may be depressed or displaced laterally;
- Technique:
    - is obtained in AP or Oblique projections;
    - patient is supine
    - neck is hyperextended;
    - central beam is directed to center of neck at thyroid cartilage with caudal angulation of 30-35 degrees;
    - to obtain oblique pillar views, the patient is in the same position w/ head rotated 45 deg toward the unaffected side;
    - beam is directed w/ 35-40 deg caudal angulation to lateral side of neck about 3 cm below the earlobe