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Lateral Plateau Butress Plates

 - See: L and T plate Characteristics 
- Discussion: 
- used to support cortex of a metaphysis from crumbling or displacing; 
- for the lateral condyle, use precontoured T butress plate & L butress plate which comes in a right and left version; 
- butress plates must be accurately contoured; 
- if a butress plate were to be accidentally placed under tension, it might lead to iatrogenic displacement of fracture; 
- to avoid plate tension, first screws should be placed thru the distal end of plate and remainder inserted from distal to proximal; 
- if two ends of the plate are fixed to bone first and there is a gap between plate and the bone, plate is brought under tension, as remaining screws are inserted, which risks frx displacement and deformity; 
- L plate allows more butressing w/o getting in the way of proximal fibula