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Simple Dislocations of the MP joint

- See: Complex Dislocations of the MP Joint

- Discussion:
    - two types of dorsal dislocation occur in MP joint: simple & complex;
    - simple dislocations: may be reduced by closed reduction,
    - complex dislocations: usually cannot be reduced primarily;
    - results from hyperextension injury;
    - most often occurs in index finger (and sometine little finger);
    - volar plate is torn from its proximal insertion into neck of metacarpal, remains attached to proximal phalanx;
            - in a complex dislocation, volar plate interposes into dislocated joint;
    - radial collateral ligament may tear resulting in ulnar deviation of the finger;

- Radiographs:
      - x-ray may show joint space widening (VP interposed);
      - look for chip fractures;

- Method of Reduction:
     - first hyperextended MCP joint to 90 deg, & then push base of proximal phalanx into flexion, maintaining contact at all times w/ head of metacarpal to prevent entrapment of volar plate in the joint;
     - wrist & IP joints are flexed to relax flexor tendons,  which facilitates joint reduction;

- Treatment:
     - if joint is stable following reduction, then consider buddy taping alone, allowing immediate active motion

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