Ulnar Artery: Hypothenar Hand Syndrome   

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      - Vascular Problems of the Wrist and Hand:

- Discussion:
    - traumatic thrombosis of  superficial palmar arch of ulnar artery resulting from repetitive use of hand as hammer;
    - in this maneuver, maximum force of the blow occurs over hook hamate bone, stie of superifical palmar arch of ulnar artery;
    - ulnar artery appears to be most vulnerable in distal portion of Guyon's canal, where protective capabilities of palmaris brevis muscle 
           are least effective;
    - most common presenting symptom w/ ulnar arterry thrombosis is pain;
    - pts also suffer from cold intolerence (pain w/ exposure to cold) and pain associated with repetitive activity;
    - pain at night and w/ rest;
    - frequently have dependent rubor, ulceration of fingertips, or gangrene

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