Synovial Plica

- Discussion:
    - synovial plica are folds of embryonic remnants of synovial membrane which, in fetus, divide knee is divided into medial, lateral, & patellar compartments;
    - although these membranes normally degenerate by the second trimester, (allowing knee to become one cavity), incomplete membrane degeneration will lead to the formation of plica

- Medial (Shelf) Plica

Symptomatic Synovial Plicae of the Knee.

Knee injuries: the role of the suprapatellar plica and suprapatellar bursa in stimulating internal derangement.

The pathological medial plica: criteria for diagnosis and prognosis.

Diagnosis and treatment of the plica syndrome of the knee.

The plica syndrome: a new perspective.

Symptomatic synovial plicae of the knee.

The pathological plica in the knee. Results after arthroscopic resection.

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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