Rectus Femoris

- See Quads

- Origin:
      - Straight Head: Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine
      - Reflected Head: Groove on upper brim of acetabulum;

- Insertion: Upper border of patella by the ligamentum patella into tibia tuberosity;
- Reversed origin-insertion action: Flexes the pelvis on the femur and gives anterior stabilization to the pelvis;

- Nerve Supply:   Femoral, L2, L3, L4; (see innervation)
- Synergists:    - psoas, sartorius, tensor fascia lata, vastus lateralis vastus medialis, vastus intermedius;
- Arterial supply: ascending branch of lateral femoral circumflex artery

- Rectus Femoris Tear: (MRI picture)

A study of the arterial supply in the human rectus femoris muscle.

Incomplete, intrasubstance strain injuries of the rectus femoris muscle.

Rectus femoris muscle tear appearing as a pseudotumor.

Surgical treatment of proximal ruptures of the rectus femoris in professional soccer players

Anatomical evaluation of the rectus femoris tendon and its related structures

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