Medial Plateau: Surgical Approach

- See:
      - Medial Tibial Plateua Fractures:

- Discussion:
    - on medial side, plate is applied to anteromedial face of proximal metaphysis deep to pes anserinus & anterior fibers of MCL;

- Incision:
    - incision begins over medial femoral condyle, continues anterodistally then crosses the joint line near the medial edge of the patellar
            tendon, and extends posterodistally for several centimeters;
    - arthrotomy of knee is not performed, if only tibial flare needs to be exposed;
    - the tibial flare and the fracture are exposed subperiosteally;
    - attachments of Pes anserinus from tibia are divided to allow sufficient exposure for application of plate;
    - superifial MCL insertion is preserved;
    - w/ knee flexed, tendons & medial collateral ligament move posteriorly, allowing maximum exposure of the flare

Post Operative Care and Complications

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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