Lauge Hansen Classification

- Discussion:
- theory based on reproduction of frx patterns in cadavera;
- rationale was to guide closed treatment of fractures about the ankle;
- initial position of the foot is either supination or pronation;
      - supination of foot places tension on lateral structures of ankle;
      - pronation places tension on medial structures;
- deforming force is either rotational (internal or external) or translational (abduction or adduction);
- Supination External Rotation:
- injury begins anteriorly and progresses by external rotation around ankle;
- structures that are damaged are, in order:
  - anterior tibiofibular ligament; (type I)
  - lateral malleolus (type II)
  - posterior aspect of capsule or posterior malleolus (type III)
  - medial malleolus or Deltoid Ligament (type IV)
- Pronation External Rotation:
  - frx begins on medial side of ankle, which is tightened by pronation;
  - injury progresses by external rotation around ankle w/ damage occuring from medial to lateral in mirror image of SER frx

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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