Joint Index

Head Injury Cranio-Maxillary-Facial Injuries Cervical Spine Clavicle Fractures Shoulder Shoulder Spine Humerus Humerus Elbow Joint Elbow Joint Radius Radius Ulna / Ulnar Shaft Ulna / Ulnar Shaft Wrist Wrist Pelvic Pelvic Hand Hand Sacrum and Sacral Pelvic Hip Joint Hip Joint Femoral Shaft Femoral Shaft Knee Joint  Tibia / Tibia Frx Ankle Joint Orthopaedic Foot Orthopaedic Foot
- Joint Topics:
      - Friction and Lubrication
      - Neurogenic joint
      - Open Joint Injuries
      - Septic Joint

- Specific Joints / Regions:
      Acromioclavicular Joint
      Ankle Joint
      Cervical Spine
      CMC Joint of Thumb
      Elbow Joint
      Hip Joint
      Knee Joint
      MP joint
      Phalangeal Joints
      Radial Ulnar Joints
      Sacro-iliac Joint
      Shoulder joint
      Sternoclavicular Joint:
      Sub-Talar Joint
      Thumb CMC and MP Joints
      Wrist Joint

Alternatives to Total Knee Replacement:  Autologous Hamstring Resurfacing Arthroplasty

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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