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Non Operative Treatment of Calcaneal Fractures

- Discussion:
    - most crucial measurement is degree of continuity of posterior facet, which is best determined by CT scan;
    - all frx are initially treated by strict bed rest, elevation, until acute swelling has subsided;
    - nondisplaced frx w/ mild or moderate decrease in Bohler's < are initially treated by early mobilization, avoidance of wt bearing for 6 weeks;
    - early mobilization with protection from wt bearing is maintained until frx union occurs;
    - historical treatment has included closed reduction (Bohler) w/ distraction and medial lateral compression;
    - may need to be supplemented by orthotic support with a custom-molded insole, rocker-bottom shoe, or ankle-foot orthosis;
    - when nonoperative treatment fails, consider sub-talar arthrodesis is often indicated

 Intra-articular fractures of the calcaneum treated operatively or conservatively. A prospective study.

 Intraarticular calcaneal fractures. Results of closed treatment.