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Total Ankle Replacement: Additional Literature

Additional Literature Comparison of sagittal subluxation in two different three-component total ankle replacement systems. A systematic review of intermediate-term outcomes and failure rates for total ankle replacements: an Asian perspective. Comparison of the HINTEGRA and Mobility total ankle replacements. Short- to intermediate-term outcomes. HINTEGRA total ankle replacement: survivorship analysis in 684 patients. HINTEGRA revision arthroplasty … Read more

A Biomechanical Comparison of Intramedullary Nail and Crossed Lag Screw Fixation for Tibiotalocalcaneal Arthrodesis

Foot Ankle Int. 1997 Oct;18(10):639-643   Berend ME, Glisson RR, Nunley JA ABSTRACT  BACKGROUND: This study compared the mechanical bending and torsional properties of intramedullary nail fixation and lag screw fixation for tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis.   METHODS: Seven matched pairs of human cadaver lower extremities were studied, with one hindfoot in each pair stabilized with a … Read more

A Biomechanical Evaluation of Three Forms of Internal Fixation Used in Ankle Arthrodesis

Foot Ankle Int. 1994 Jun;15(6):297-300   Dohm MP, Benjamin JB, Harrison J, Szivek JA ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: A biomechanical study was undertaken to evaluate the relative stability of three types of internal fixation used for ankle arthrodesis.   METHODS: Crossed screw fixation, RAF fibular strut fixation, and T-plate fixation were tested in 30 cadaver ankles using … Read more

A Review of Ankle Arthrodesis: Predisposing Factors to Nonunion

Foot Ankle Int. 1994 Nov;15(11):581-584   Frey C, Halikus NM, Vu-Rose T, Ebramzadeh E   ABSTRACT   BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to review 15 years of experience with ankle fusions, specifically addressing the underlying etiology of ankle pathology, incidence of nonunion, and associated predisposing conditions that can lead to nonunion.   METHODS: … Read more

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