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Section 17, Chapter 8: Sports Injuries of the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine

Christoph E. Albers and Lorin M. Benneker INTRODUCTION Reportedly, nine to fifteen percent of sports injuries affect the spinal column.1-3 The majority of these injuries are benign myofascial strains responding well to physical therapy without mid- or long-term impact on athletic performance. However, more severe injuries may occur including fractures or osseous instability, disco-ligamentous instability … Read more

Section 17, Chapter 5: Surgical Treatment of Fractures – Anterior Treatment and Reconstruction

Timo Stubig, Michael Grevitt, Christian W. Mueller INTRODUCTION Thoracic and thoracolumbar injuries with significant vertebral comminution and/or ligamentous instability may result in mechanical instability or compression of neural elements. The optimal therapy for thoracolumbar and lumbar spine fractures is not clear. Although different countries and institutions claim to provide optimal care, the evidence is largely … Read more

Section 6, Chapter 1: World Spine Care: A Charity Providing Spine Care in Botswana, Dominican Republic, India and Ghana

Scott Haldeman, Geoff Outerbridge, Stefan Eberspaecher, O’Dane Brady, Deborah Kopansky-Giles, Margareta Nordin, Eric L. Hurwitz, Afua Adjei-Kwayisi, and Rajani Mullerpatan Introduction World Spine Care (WSC) is a non-profit charity registered in the United States of America, Canada and United Kingdom. It was founded in 2009 out of a growing realization that spinal disorders were a significant, and often ignored, contributor to the burden of disease, not only … Read more