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Treatment of SIADH: See Diff Dx



- Correction of Underlying Dz if present; 
- Rapid correction during acute treatment should not exceed 20 mEq/lit rise in serum Na concentration during 1st 48 hrs of Rx; (otherwise may develop Central Pontine Myelinosis); 
- goal is to correct Serum Sodium to a minimum of 125 mEq/lit. 
- Water restriction, usually to less than insensible losses (less than 500 to 1000 ml/day) 
- once the Serum Na rises to 120-125 the symptoms will begin to lessen; 
- Severe Hypo Na: 
- in addition to first two measures, pts w/ severe symptomatic hypoNa (serum Na of < 115 mmol/L) may benefit from Lasix w/ hourly replacement of urinary sodium and potassium losses using NS; 
- very rarely 3% saline will be required; 
- Demeclocycline
- 300 to 600mg PO bid is occassionally useful in pts w/ chronic symptoms of SIADH in whom water restriction has been unsuccessful

The syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic-hormone secretion following spinal fusion.