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Respiratory Acidosis

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* Note: Chronic well compensated Respiratory acidosis may be confused with metabolic alkalosis
* Common etiologies include entities that can contribute to a buildup of CO2 such as COPD, Pneumonia CNS depression, Pulmonary Edema, Cardiopulmonary arrest, Airway or Chest wall injury, & Sedatives, and Neuromuscular dz; 
* Note: these entities may have Synergistic Effects (ie. in combinations the effects are enough to tip in the pateint into acute Resp Acidosis); 
* The HCO3 will be normal in the early stages of a simple Respiratory Acidosis, but will increase in Chronic Acidosis as the body tries to compensate for the high pCO2; 
* Note: Mixed Acid Base Disorders: 
              - Patients w/ COPD & Cor Pulmonale & requiring diruretic will frequently develope Met Alk (from diuretic) as well as Resp Acidosis from CO2 retention.