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Radiation Treatment for Metastastic Bone Carcinoma

- Discussion:
    - useful for reducing bone pain and progression of tumor growth;
    - adjuvant radiation may be indicated for all patients with surgically treated metastatic bone disease;
    - external beam radiation is used perioperatively to assist in the local control of the disease in the majority of patients; 

    - outcomes:
           - 90% will receive some relief, and 50% will receive near complete relief with between 20 to 40.5 gray of radiation;
           - patients with mixed or blastic type lesions (often breast and prostate) are more likely reconstitute than lytic lesions;
           - hence radiation treatment of blastic lesions is more likely to be successfully treated without need for IM fixation;
           - in contrast, patients with purely lytic bone lesions of metastatic lung cancer, myeloma, and renal cell cancer rarely reconstitute when treated with radiation;

    - technique:
           - postoperative radiation should ideally start ten to fourteen days after surgery to allow wound-healing;
           - standard dose of 3000 cGy given in 10 fractions generally gives about 80% lasting pain relief from metastatic disease;
                 - relatively low-dose irradiation has not been shown to inhibit healing of pathologic fractures;
           - if IM nail is used then the entire bone should be irradiated;
           - flexible reamers can push tumor cells distal to the implant intraoperatively which can cause hardware failure or new pathologic fractures;

    - complications:
           - radiation induced osteonecrosis:
           - theoretically may increase rate of stress frx or nonunion but this complication developed in only 13/136 patients in the series by Wedin R, et al (1999) 
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