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- For severe fungal infections including coccidioidomycosis, candidiasis, Cryptococcus, and others; various tinea forms; cutaneous candidiasis; vulvovaginal candidiasis; tinea versicolor;
- Adult: systemic: dosage range from 200-3,600 mg/24hr IV based on diagnosis; to be administered diluted to minimum volume of 200 ml NSS;
- Topical apply to affected area twice daily for 2-4 weeks;
- Note antagonistic to Ampho B in vivo;
- rapid IV infusion may cause tachycardia or arrhythmias;
- may potentiate Coumarin drug activity;
- Contraindicated with drug hypersensitivity;
- DosingRegimens for Patients withRenalInsufficiency: (Dose for 70kg Adult (gm/dosing interval in hours): CrCl: >80: 0.2-0.4/8; CrCl: 50-79: 0.2-0.4/8; CrCl:30-49: 0.2-0.4/8; CrCl::10-29:0.2-0.4/8