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Isosorbide Dinitrate/Isordil

- causes venodilation; 
- Acute Angina: 2.5-10mg PO or SL prn q5-10 min; 
- more than 3 doses should not be given within 15-30 min; 
- Angina prophylaxis: 5-60 mg PO tid; 
- or try initially: SL tab: 2.5-10 mg q2-3hr, 
- or Chew tab: 5-10mg q2-3hr; or Swallowed tab: 5-40mg q6hr; 
- controlled release cap or tab: 40-80mg q8-12hr; 
- must titrate dose to clinical response; 
- nitrates should not be given chronically q6hr because of tolerance