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* Adrenergic blocker and Antiarrhythmic;
* For Acute Treatment of Resistant VF or VT (LIDOCAINE, Defibrillation, PROCAINAMIDE Failure)
* Dose: 5-10 mg/kg IV rapid injection (1 minute);
* may repeat w/ 10mg/kg IV push repeated q15-30 min w/ 10mg/kg
* (max = 30 mg/kg) - given undiluted w/ life threatening arrhythmia, but w/ hemodynamically unstable pts dilute w/ 50ml D5W and infuse slowly IV over 8-10 min to reduce acute hypotensive effects;
* Maintenance: 1-4 mg/min IV infusion;
* Supplied: Injection 50mg/mL;
- Caution:
* Should rpaidly reduce dose and discontinue in 3-5 days;* Note: N/V associatted withrapid IV push;
* transient rise in BP seen initially;
* Hypotension most frequent adverse effect and occurs with in the first hour of treatment