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Bethanechol/Urecholine, Duvoid

- Parasympathomimetic agent that has a direct stimulating effect on the detrussor, causing increased intravesicular pressure;
- For neurogenic atony of the bladder with retention, acute post operative and post functional (non obstructive) urinary retention;
- in doses of 5-10 mg SC or in oral doses of 50 mg or more, it may be of use in treating some pts with neurogenic bladder dysfunction;
- Adult: 10-15 mg PO tid/qid or 5mg SQ tid/qid and PRN;
- do not administer IM or IV;
- Contraindicated in bladder outlet obstruction, Asthma, coronary artery dz;
- Peds: 0.3-0.6 mg/kg/24hr PO DD tid/qid or 1/3 the oral dose SQ