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Effects of taurine supplementation following eccentric exercise in young adults Taurine Supplementation Reduces Eccentric Exercise-Induced Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness in Young Men The Effect of Taurine on the Recovery from Eccentric Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Males Taurine supplementation attenuates delayed increase in exercise-induced arterial stiffness


Alanine: Alanine: improve sporting performance by reducing fatigue Beta Alanine / Carnosine Taurine Serine and Glycine: Serine and Glycine Are Essential for Human Muscle Progenitor Cell P Roliferation (P08-063-19) CoQ10: Coenzyme Q10 deficiency and isolated myopathy Isolated mitochondrial myopathy associated with muscle coenzyme Q10 deficiency N Acetyle Cysteine: N-acetylcysteine supplementation and oxidative damage and inflammatory … Read more

Amphotericin B Mixture Interactions

– should not be mixed with the following medications: Amikacin Ca Cl and Ca gluconate Carbenicillin CIMETIDINE DOPAMINE Gentamicin KANAMYCIN LIDOCAINE METARAMINOL METHYLDOPA Penicillin G Potassium Cl RANITIDINE Tetracycline VERAPAMIL Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

Ampicillin (Amcil, Omnipen)

(see also: Penicillin Family) Discussion ampicillin is usually given IV as unasyn vs. amoxicillin which is given orally; for treatment of suseptible gram negatives (Shigella, Salmonella, E. coli, H. influenza, P.mirabilis, N. gonorrhea) and gram positives (streptococci); adult: 500mg – 2gm PO, IM, or IV q6hr; peds: term infants: 150-200 mg/kg/24hr divided q6-8hr IV or IM; … Read more


    for Parkinsonism, drug induced extrapyramidal reactions, prophylaxis of Influenza A and treatment of Influenza if seen < than 20hrs after onset of illness;; has ability to release dopamine; Adult: for drug induced etrapyradimal reactions:100 mg PO bid; for parkinsonism: 100mg PO qd initially, then may increase gradually to maximum of 400 mg qd … Read more

Aortic Regurgitation

* Physical Exam: (heard best if pt. sits up, leans forward, & exhale) Early Diastolic (decrescendo) murmur. Mid Systolic Ejection Murmur (Austin Flint) S3 gallop (competes w/ diastolic murmur); widened pulse pressure Etiology: Congenital (bicuspid valves) Rheumatic hrt, Endocarditis VSD; Sequelae: Angina, LVH, CHF, DOE, orthopnea, PND; small increase in After-Load may cause large increase … Read more

Zyvox / Linezolid

– See: Zyvox Commercial Web Site – Discussion: – for MRSA and staph epi infections; – dose: 600 mg PO bid; – in standard dosing, the plasma and tissue levels will be between 10-11 mcg/ml (about 4 mcg/ml in bone); – mao inhibitors           – linezolid is a reversible, nonselective inhibitor of monoamine oxidase; – linezolid … Read more

When to use Beta Blockers in the MI patient

– Discussion:  – for patients with Q wave infarcts B. blockers are helpful when the following conditions apply: (assuming no contraindications)  – all patients > 60 yrs;  – all patients who exhibit ischemia on excercise;  – patients with abnormal left ventricular function; (? < 45%)  – patients who require B. blockers for rest Angina or … Read more