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Type II Olecranon Frx

- Discussion:
    - displaced, stable frx;
    - frx fragments are displaced > 2-3 mm, but collateral ligaments are intact;
    - frx may be non-comminuted (Type IIA) or comminuted (Type IIB).
    - no sign of subluxation;

- Non Operative Treatment:
    - immobilized in mid flexion, these fractures will heal in 3-4 weeks;
    - the main complication is loss of motion which will vary in severity;

- Operative Treatment:
    - operative treatment depends on age of patient;
    - w/ pt > sixty years old, comminuted frags are removed & triceps is advanced;
         - its important to reattach the triceps tendon as closely as possible to articular surface of the ulna;
         - this is best technique when pt desires only one operation w/ satisfactory elbow function;
    - w/ pts < sixty years old, consider 3.5-mm AO dynamic-compression plate
         contoured to fit fractured olecranon following reduction;
         - this neutralizes forces across coronoid frx from tip of olecranon to shaft;
         - distance between coronoid process & olecranon must not be shortened by compression of the comminuted fragments;
         - always explain to patient beforehand that plate may require future removal