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Vascular Anatomy of Menisci

- Discussion:
    - limited peripheral blood supply originates predominantly from the lateral and medial geniculate arteries (both inferior and superior)
          - these supply the meniscus through a vascular synovial covering of anterior and posterior horn attachments;
          - branches from these vessels arborize to form a perimeniscal capillary plexus within the synovial and capsular tissues of knee joint;
          - this synovial network of vessels extends for one to three mm over articular surfaces of menisci & contain small, terminally looped vessels;
    - vascular supply to meniscus is age dependent;
          - in adult, peripheral 3 mm of the menisci as well as anterior and posterior horns are well vascularized;
                 - tears that occur between 3 to 5-mm zone have variable vascularity;
                 - tears greater than 5 mm from the meniscosynovial junction are generally avascular;
          - degree of vascular penetration is 10 - 30 % of width of medial meniscus and 10 to 25 % of the width of the lateral meniscus

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