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Gravity Method of Stimson

- See: 
- Bigelow's Maneuver: for Posterior Hip Dislocation 

- Closed Reduction 
- Discussion:

- described primarily for acute posterior dislocations, but anterior dislocations can occassionally be reduced by this method; 
- believed to be least traumatic; 
- pt is in prone position w/ lower limbs hanging from end of table; 
- assistant immobilizes the pelvis by applying pressure on the sacrum; 
- hold knee and ankle flexed to 90 deg & apply downward pressure to leg just distal to the knee; 
- gentle rotatory motion of the limb may assist in reduction; 

- Contraindications:
 - superior dislocations of the pubic type in which the hip presents in extension are not amenable to a Stimson's maneuver because of the need for further extension to acheive reduction

Reduction of posterior dislocation of the hip in the prone position.