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Transcondylar fractures

- Discussion:
      - type of supracondylar fractures that occurs within joint capsule;
      - most commonly occurs w/ osteoporotic bone;

- Treatment:
      - nondisplaced frxs are treated w/ splinting or percutaneous pinning;
      - displaced frx will require ORIF;
      - consider molding the chosen plate to allow insertion of 1-2 screws in the distal fragment;

- Posterior Approach:
     - ulnar nerve is identified;
     - expose frx using Hohmann retractors medially and laterally;
     - reduction of the fracture;
     - inserted of 3.5 mm cortex screws as lag screws, if possible;
     - apply either two 3.5 mm DCP or two 3.5 mm reconstruction plates (one medially and one laterally) are used