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Barlow’s Test

- See:
      - Congenital Hip Dislocation
      - Ortolani's test

- Discussion:
    - Barlow's test identifies unstable hip that lies in the reduced position but can be passively dislocated (and hence unstable);
    - less than 2% of infants will have a positive Barlow test;
           - 60% will normalize w/ no treatment after 1 month;
           - 88% will normalize w/ no treatment after 2 months;

- Technique:
      - hip is flexed, & thigh adducted, while pushing posteriorly in line of the shaft of femur, causing femoral head to dislocate posteriorly from acetabulum;
    - dislocation is palpable as femoral head slips out of acetabulum;
    - diagnosis is confirmed with Ortolani's test;

- Management:
    - w/ a positive test, dynamic positioning is generally required w/ a Pavlik harness to ensure that hip does not dislocate

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