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Grisel’s syndrome

- See: Atlanto-Axial Subluxation:

- Discussion:
    - atlantoaxial rotary subluxation in association w/ pharyngeal infection, occurs predominantly in children;
    - it results in severe torticollis, resistant to manual therapy;
    - > 5 mm of anterior displacement of arch of C-1 (Fielding type III) indicates disruption of both facet capsules as well as transverse 
    - reduction w/ skeletal traction, followed by atlantoaxial fusion, is recommended;

- Management:
    - vast majority of pts w/ this form of torticollis improve spontaneously;
    - in those few cases in which persistent sig instability is present, stabilization by posterior atlantoaxial arthrodesis is required.

Grisel's syndrome. Cervical spine clinical, pathologic, and neurologic manifestations.

Grisel's syndrome.

The pharyngovertebral veins: an anatomical rationale for Grisel's syndrome.