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 - Discussion: (see cartilage menu and articular cartilage)
    - see tendon metaplasia to fibrocartilage;
    - fibrocartilage is composed of bundles of thick clearly defined collagen fibers, along w/ intervening unicellular islands of cartilage arranged in small chains;
    - it has moderate proteoglycans but low content of glycosaminoglycans (2% of dry weight).
    - cartilaginous matrix is small and is noticed only around each chondrocyte;
    - collagenous fibers are usually arrayed parallel to tension on tissue;
    - it is found in symphyseal joints, intervertebral discs & in articular discs;
    - amount of fibrocartilage increases with age as hyaline cartilage transforms into fibrocartilage;
    - fibrocartilage does not have a surrounding perichondrium

    - biomechanics of fibrocartilage:
           - Understanding the biomechanics of tendon fibrocartilages
           - Development and ageing of phenotypically distinct fibrocartilages associated with the rat Achilles tendon
           - Where tendons and ligaments meet bone: attachment sites ('entheses') in relation to exercise and/or mechanical load. 
           - Morpho-functional changes in human tendon tissue.
           - Fibrocartilage associated with human tendons and their pulleys.
           - Regional structural and viscoelastic properties of fibrocartilage upon dynamic nanoindentation of the articular condyle.



Age-related changes in tendon fibrocartilage.

Entheses and enthesitis: a histopathologic review and relevance to spondyloarthritides

The potential for regeneration of articular cartilage in defects created by chondral shaving and subchondral abrasion. An experimental investigation in rabbits.

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