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- PreOp Planning:
    - if patient has undergone previous bone graft harvests, consider CT scan to determine amount of remaining bone left in the crest;
    - in the report by Ahlmann E, et al, the authors investigated whether
          there was less morbidity with an anterior versus posterior approach;
          - medical records of 88 consecutive patients who had undergone a total of 108 iliac crest bone-grafting procedures for the
                   treatment of chronic osteomyelitis from 1991 to 1998 were retrospectively reviewed.
          - 66 anterior and 42 posterior bone-graft harvest sites were evaluated at a minimum of two years after the operation;
          - major complication was associated with 8% (five) of the sixty-six anterior sites and 2% (one) of the 42 posterior sites;
          - rates of minor complications were 15% (ten) and 0%, respectively;
          - rates of both minor complications (p = 0.006) and all complications (p = 0.004) were significantly higher after the anterior
                   harvest procedures than they were after the posterior procedures.
          - postoperative pain at the donor site was significantly more severe (p = 0.0016) and of significantly greater duration (p =
                   0.0017) after the anterior harvests;
                   - ref: Comparison of Anterior and Posterior Iliac Crest Bone Grafts in Terms of Harvest-Site Morbidity and Functional Outcomes

- Posterior Crest Harvest

- Anterior Crest Cancellous Graft Harvest:
    - this technique may provide 10-15 cc of cancellous bone, and will cause the patient minimal symptoms;
    - make a small, 4-5 cm incision just below the anterior iliac wing;
    - once down to the periosteum, elevate a small, 2x2 cm area on top of the crest;
          - note that further periosteal stripping will result in increased postoperative pain;
    - use a rongeur to remove a small window, 1.5 x 1.5 cm on top of the crest;
    - carefully use a currett to extract cancellous bone from between the inner and outer tables;
    - infuse marcaine or similar long acting anesthetic;

- Anterior Crest: Corticocancellous Graft Harvest

    - bicortical harvest:
         - bicortical grafts should be harvested at least 2 cm posterior to the ASIS, inorder to avoid fracture;
    - anterior crest harvest - inner table
         - Donor Site Morbidity After Anterior Iliac Bone Graft Harvesting.
    - anterior crest harvest - outer table:
         - disadvantages:
                 - hematoma formation is more with anterior harvest than posterior harvest (since compression of posterior harvest site occurs
                         in supine position);
                         - hematoma is prevent by placing 1 or 2 drains along the cancellous graft harvest site;
                 - gluteal lurch gait:
                         - occurs from excessive stripping of the gluteus medius from the outer table;
                         - ASIS avulsion: prevented by keeping the harvest 2 cm posterior to the ASIS;

- Post Operative Care:
    - as noted by Sasso, et al (1998), there was no apparent advantage or disadvantage to use of drains for iliac crest donor sites;
    - Postoperative drains at the donor sites of iliac-crest bone grafts. A prospective, randomized study of morbidity at the donor site in patients who had a traumatic injury of the spine.

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