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Inlet and Outlet Views

- Inlet View of the Pelvis: (cauded projection)   
      - caudad projection, also called inlet view, best demonstrates ring configuration of pelvis, & narrowing or widening of diameter of ring is immediately apparent.
      - evaluates for posterior displacement of pelvic ring or opening of pubic symphysis;

      - technique:
           - x-ray is parallel to plane of sacrum, & sacrum is seen on end w/ vertebral body anteriorly & sacral lamina posteriorly;
           - pt is positioned as in AP view of pelvis w/ beam tilted 25 degree caudally;
           - or taken by directing X-ray beam 60 deg from head to mid pelvis,  is best radiographic view to demonstrate posterior displacement;

- Outlet View: (cephalad projection)
      - cephalad projection, also called the outlet or tangential view,shows the anterior ring superimposed on the posterior ring.
      - evaluates for vertical shift of pelvis (migration of hemipelvis);
      - proximal or distal displacements of anterior or posterior portion of ring are best appreciated on this view;
      - sacrum appears in its longest dimension, w/ neural foramina evident.
      - technique:
            - x-ray beam is perpendicular to plane of sacrum.
            - pt is positioned as in AP view of pelvis w/ beam tilted 35 deg cephalad

Pelvic Inlet and Outlet Radiographs Redefined