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Intervertebral Discs


- See:
      - Diskitis
      - Herniated Disc in the Adult: (discussion and evaluation)
      - Herniated Disc in the Child:

- Structure:
    - Annulus fibrosus:
    - Cartilagenous End Plate:
    - Nucleus pulposus:

- Cervical Spine:
    - see cervical disc herniation:
    - in cervical region, discs are thicker anteriorly than posteriorly, circumstance contributing to the usual cervical curvature;
    - transverse diameter is sl < that of their associated vertebral bodies;
         - consequently, lower edge of one vertebra almost overlaps upper edge of the next, esp posterolaterally;

- Thoracic Spine:
    - in thoracic region, each disc is almost uniform in height, & thoracic curvature is due primarily to shapes of the vertebral bodies;
    - discs in lower thoracic region are distinctly thicker than those in upper region, circumstance that could account for greater mobility of 
           lower thoracic vertebral column;

- Lumbar Spine:
    - in lumbar region, discs are thicker anteriorly than posteriorly, maximally so in 5th disc, which contributes to lumbosacral angle;
    - the L4-L5 disc is the largest and therefore the most avascular intervertebral disc;
    - normal curvature of lumbar column is due in part to uneven thickness of discs, & in part to shapes of vertebral bodies;
    - low back pain:
          - radiographic studies:
                - MRI of disc herniation:
                - myelograms:
                - radiographs of the lumbar spine:
          - specific conditions:
                - annular tear
                - discogenic pain
                - lumbar disc herniation: (discussion and evaluation)
                      - diskectomy:

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