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Thenar Flap

- Discussion:
      - can be used for coverage of finger tip injuries the index, long, ring, (and in some cases the little finger);
      - can be used in children and young adults (esp. women)

- Advantages:
    - more subcutaneous fat available than cross finger flap
    - good color and texture match for pulp;
    - donor site can be closed primarily (if all three sides of flap are mobilized);

- Technique:
    - outline of donor site:
          - proximally flap is harvested w/ radial border made along metacarpal-phalangeal flexor crease;
          - maximum flap width is about 2 cm;
          - consider designing flap to be 50% wider than defect to recreate pulp;
    - donor site is closed primarily or alteranatively FTSG is applied to donor site;
    - detach at two weeks;

- Complications:
    - potential for joint stiffness
    - limited size of flap;
    - donor site tenderness

The thenar flap - an analysis of its use in 150 cases.

Thenar flap for severe finger tip injuries in children.