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Mid Palmar Space

- Discussion:
    - extends lateromedially from mid-palmar septum to hypothenar eminence;
    - extends proximodistally to level of superficial palmar arch;
    - dorsally the bursa is bordered by the middle, ring, (and ? little) finger metacarpals and palmarly by the flexor tenons and lumbricals;
    - bursa functions to minimizes friction between long, ring, & little flexor tendons (& ensheathed lumbrical muscles) and the underlying metacarpal bones and the interosseous muscles;

- Mid Palmar Space Abscess:
    - can be produced by a rupture of pus from sheaths of the third, fourth, or fifth fingers into midpalmar bursae;
    - motion of the middle and ring fingers may cause pain (false neg Kanavel's);
    - incision for draining a midpalmar abscess is made along or slightly proximal to the distal palmar crease