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Arterialized Venous Skin Flaps

- Discussion:
    - consist of subQ vein along w/ skin, & usually are taken from flexor side of distal forearm or the dorsal aspect of foot;
    - vein is interposed between missing segments of the distal artery;
    - this restores circulation and covers the skin defect;
    - there are several variations of procedure:
         - both ends of the vein in the skin flap are anastomosed to vein in the finger;
         - one end of vein in the flap is anastomosed to an artery in finger and the other end of the vein flap is anastomosed to a vein in finger;
         - both ends of the vein in skin flap are anastomosed to an artery in the finger;
         - when skin defect is accompanied by injury to the digital artery, the venous skin flap is positioned between the two healthy segments of 
         - both microsurgical & conventional techniques continue to play important role in hand reconstruction after trauma