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Ref for Clubfoot

Dogma Disputed: On the Pathogenesis of Clubfoot.

Current Concepts Review.  Treatment of Congenital Club Foot.

Current Concepts Review.  Operative Treatment of Congenital Idiopathic Club Foot.

A reappraisal of metatarsus adductus and skewfoot.

Results of surgical treatment of talipes equinovarus congenita.

Arteriography in club foot.

Surgical management of resistant congenital talipes equinovarus deformities.

Plantar release in the correction of deformities of the foot in childhood.

Treatment of the calcaneocavus foot deformity.

Pes cavovarus. Review of a surgical approach using selective soft-tissue procedures.

Congenital club foot in the human fetus. A histological study.

Long-term results of treatment of congenital club foot.

Development of the foot in prenatal life in relation to idiopathic club foot.

Residual adduction of the forefoot. A review of the Turco procedure for congenital club foot.

The Bridle procedure: a new treatment for equinus and equinovarus deformities in children.

Seasonal variation in the incidence of congenital talipes mequinovarus.

The use of open phenol blocks to the motor branches of the tibial nerve in adult acquired spasticity.

Absent posterior tibial artery in an infant with talipes equinovarus.

Complete subtalar release in club feet. Part I--A preliminary report.

Complete subtalar release in club feet. Part II--Comparison with less extensive procedures.

Arterial abnormalities in talipes equinovarus as assessed by angiography and the Doppler technique.

Assessment in congenital talipes equinovarus.

Posteromedial release for idiopathic talipes equinovarus. A long-term follow-up study.

The cincinnati incision for the split posterior tibial tendon transfer: a technical note.

The role of major gene in clubfoot.

Comparative radiographic analysis of congenital idiopathic talipes equinovarus (clubfoot) in infancy: a retrospective study.

Congenital talipes equinovarus: I. Resolving and resistant deformities.

Congenital talipes equinovarus: II. A staged method of surgical management.

Dillwyn Evans operation for relapsed club foot. Long-term results.

Operation for calcaneus deformity after surgery for club foot.

Dwyer osteotomy for treatment of calcaneal varus.

Tarsometatarsal truncated-wedge arthrodesis for pes cavus and equinovarus deformity of the fore part of the foot.

Osteotomy of the first cuneiform as treatment of residual adduction of the fore part of the foot in club foot.

The Oxford club-foot programme.

Revision surgery in clubfeet.

Deformity of the calcaneocuboid joint in patients who have talipes equinovarus.

Paralytic drop foot and gluteal fibrosis after intramuscular injections.

Medial calcaneal osteotomy for relapsed equinovarus deformity. Long-term study of the results of Frederick Dwyer.

Treatment of idiopathic clubfoot. A thirty-year follow-up note.

The medial sagittal approach in the treatment of the congenital clubfoot. A follow-up report of a 15-year experience.