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Autonomic Dysfunction


  • HTN from bladder or bowel distension or from renal calculi;
  • sensitivity to succinyl choline (hyperkalemia)
  • increase susceptibility to pulmonary edema;
  • can follow upper and lower spinal cord injuries;
  • related to bladder overdistension or fecal impaction and manifests as with pounding HA, (from severe hypertension), anxiety, profuse head and neck sweating, nasal obstruction, and blurred vision;
  • urinary catheterization or rectal disimpaction and supportive treatment will usually relieve the symptoms;
  • if not procardia 10mg is given SL, followed by Dibenzylene (10 mg) administered daily for prophylaxis;
  • syndrome is often triggered by the stimulation of the dermatomes or muscles innervated by nerves below the spinal-cord lesion.
  • treatment options include labetalol, phentolamine, and sodium nitroprusside