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Steroid Topics

   - Relative Potency and Characteristics Steroids:
   - Articular Steroid Injection:
   - Peri-Operative Dosing (for patient on Steroids):
   - MSK changes associatted w/ Steroids:
   - Steroids: for Rheumatoid Arthritis:
          - when giving steroids for inflammatory arthritis, be sure that the arthritis is not due to a cryoglobinemia (from hepatitis or other), because this
                   may actually provoke further viremia;
   - Steroid Protocol for Spinal Cord Injury:
   - Steroids for Hypercalcemia:
          - in some circumstances, glucocorticoids can be effective Ca lowering agents;
          - consider 200 to 300 mg of hydrocortisone, or its equivalent, is given intravenously every day for three to five days;
          - in general, patients with nonhematologic cancers do not respond to glucocorticoids, nor do those with primary hyperparathyroidism;
          - ref: High-dose Steroids for Neurotrauma – Another Thing to Watch