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Pagets Disease: Etiology and Pathogenesis

- Etiology: disease may be caused by a virus;
    - paramyxovirus infection of osteoblasts may activate of the c-fos proto-oncogene, resulting in localized abnormal osteoclastic activity typical of Paget's disease;

- Pathophysiology:
     - in Paget's disease, primary defect is in the remodeling system of isolated areas of skeleton;
     - it is characterized by massive turnover of bone in the affected areas w/ marked increase in both bone resorption & bone
            - owing to rapid turnover, the bone formed is immature bone;
     - in the bones affected, there may be either little change in the shape of the bone or very marked change in the bone contour
            resulting from both lack of appropriate remodeling & change in quality of bone;
     - small increased risk of osteosarcoma;

- Hypervascular / Osteolytic Phase:
    - initial phase of disorder involves bone resorption by osteoclasts;
    - subsequently there is vigorous osteoblastic response, producing excessive, poorly organized, structurally weak, highly vascular
              woven bone;
    - disease causes significant increase in blood flow of involved bones;
    - this increase may be so extensive, due to small arteriovenous shunts, that cardiac output is significantly increased;
    - degenerative arthritis is assoc w/ hypervascularity of ends of bones;
    - after some time osteoclastic activity subsides & woven bone is replaced by lamellar bone as the osteoblastic action persists;

- Intermediate Phase:
    - in this phase osteoblastic activity predominates, but osteolytic activity is also present and therefore, and bone structural changes
              and bone deformity are manifest;

- Quiescent stage:
     - finally, osteoblastic activity diminishes & bone becomes quiescent, w/ bony sclerosis and no evidence of increased turnover of
                 bone, and bone enlargment and widening;
     - vascular fibrous tissue replaces the marrow;
     - Haversian systems are absent

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