Space of Poirier

- See:
    - Ligaments of the Wrist

- Discussion:
    - an atomical defect or weak spot in the floor of the carpal tunnel;
    - it lies at the volar aspect of the proximal capitate, lying between the volar radiocapitate and volar radiotriquetral ligaments (see ligaments);
    - area expands when wrist is dorsiflexed & disappears in palmar flexion;
    - rent develops during dorsal dislocations, & it is thru this defect that lunate displaces into the carpal canal;  
    - space of Poirier allows concomitant extension at the midcarpal joint w/radiocarpal but also allows escape of distal carpal row from lunate in perilunar dislocations

Chronic capitolunate instability

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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