Pediatric Fractures of the Olecranon

- See: Adult Olecranon Frx:

- Discussion:
    - secondary ossification centers of olecranon (bipartite olecranon or patella cubiti) should not be misdiagnosed as fractures;

- Radiology:
    - ossification center of olecranon appears at 10 yrs of age & is usually fused to proxomal ulna by age 16 yr;
    - rarely these epiphyseal plates will persist in adults (bilaterally)
    - patella buitis:
           - uncommon accessory ossicle located in triceps tendon at its insertion into olecranon that  may be confused with a fracture;
    - references:
           - A new look at the sequential development of elbow-ossification centers in children.

- Treatment:
    - undisplaced or minimally displaced frx: immobilized in long arm cast;
    - markedly displaced frx: require ORIF;
    - in the report by Gicquel P, et al, authors presented an original fixation technique for olecranon fractures in children;
           - frx site did not need to be opened;
           - they used a threaded pin stabilization with adjustable lock effect;
           - no significant difference was found between tension band and the threaded pin technique, whereas simple pin fixation had much poorer mechanical properties;
           - Biomechanical Analysis of Olecranon Fracture Fixation in Children

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Biomechanical Analysis of Olecranon Fracture Fixation in Children

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