Mortise views 

- Evaluate for:
    - lateral talar shift:
            - medial clear space
            - deltoid injury
    - fibular shortening;
            - talocrural angle
            - tibiofibular line
    - fibular rotation, or lateral displacement;
            - tibiofibular line
    - syndesmotic integrity (see radiographs)
    - talar tilt: (stability)
    - osteochondral lesions of talus

- Discussion:
    - fibular length, talar tilt, talar shift, talocrural angle, medial clear space, tibiofibular overlap, & tibiofibular clear space (interosseous clear space) can be measured can be measured;
    - mortise views as ankle is moved from plantar to dorsiflexion may show these lesions more clearly;
    - restoration of ankle mortise requires anatomic reduction of lateral malleolus so that is articular surface is congruous w/ reduced talus;

- Technique:
    - obtained w/ the leg internally rotated 15 to 20 deg so that x-ray beam is nearly perpendicular to the intermalleolar line.

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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