Mitral Valve Prolapse

- See Mitral Regurge 
- Autosomal Dominant Inheritance/ variable inheritance; 
- thin anxious young female, Chest Pain, fatigue, syncope 
- may present as TIA, stroke, MI
- Occasionally: Sudden Death, Progressive dyspnea, Fever (Endocarditis
- associated w/ Marfan's, Ehlers-Danlos 
- listen for systolic click followed by Systolic murmur 
- murmur occurs earlier w/ standing & valsalva; 
- murmur occurs later w/ squatting or Propanolol
- ECHO: shows posterior displacement of Mitral Valve Leafets; 
- Propranolol useful for Chest Pain & Palpitations; 
- consider prophylaxis against Endocarditis 
- Prolapse may progress to severe Regurgitation (requiring surgery)

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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